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How To Make Your Own Customized Car Cover

It is important to protect your vehicle against corrosion, bad weather, and scratches, as well as dirt. You can choose to buy covers for use inside garages and outdoors. Coverings can have various designs or they can be plain. Having your cover customized is a good option. However, it is expensive. If you do not have the money to pay for this exercise, you can customize it yourself by using several techniques. The first step you should take is to decide what you want the cover to look like. You may want a logo or a certain design pattern. Begin by making a simple sketch of the design or logo on paper. If you are working with a cotton cover that is meant to be used indoors it is advisable to use the tie and dye technique. Use rubber bands or strings to hold the cover in place and dip it in a container with the dye. You should then leave it for the right amount of time. After that, you can rinse and then hang it outside to dry. To create the effect of tie and dye on an outdoor cover you should apply paint on a fabric that is waterproof. To imprint, a logo, begin by making a template on a stencil. Position it and hold it in position using masking tape. If you are dealing with a cotton cover you can use a brush to paint on the fabric. If you are using a waterproof cover then you have to use paint that is water resistant. You can also add embroidered fabrics on a cover. All you need to do is to find soft fabrics if it is made of cotton. If it is meant for outdoor purposes, you need waterproof fabrics. Attach them using big thread meant for embroidery. To print a design, start by printing it using a silk screen. For every color that is in the design, you should create a different stencil template. After you are done you can begin by placing the first stencil on the cover using masking tape. The silkscreen should then be placed on top. Spray paint on top of the design. Use a squeegee to spread the paint within the screen.

It is advisable to let the paint dry before repeating the process again. Before applying a different color, ensure that you have wiped the squeegee and the screen. All tools that you need to customize car covers are available online. Buying a new car is a very expensive investment. One way to make sure it keeps looking just the way it did when you drove it off the showroom floor is by using protective covers. This is only one way through to keep it looking fresh and new. Investing a little time in the vehicle will make sure it lasts you many years, saving you money and time in the future. Make sure you are parking your car inside a garage or covered port. Keeping it from being overexposed to the sun can help prevent damage to the paint later in years. With too much heat exposure, paint can begin to warp, chip and peel, even though it is made for exposure to the elements. Also, keeping it covered will prevent it from getting damaged from water which can also ruin the paint of the car. Wash your car at least once a month. This is especially important if you live in high salt areas like coastal areas or areas that get large amounts of snow and they salt the roads. Salt can cause rust damage to your vehicle and will eat away at its exterior within only a few years. This not only causes damage to the vehicle’s exterior but can break down important parts that keep your vehicle running smoothly. Watch the weather. Don’t be out driving your vehicle during hail storms or big wind storms. You can easily get damage just from something being blown against it. Dents can not only damage the surface but can cause paint problems to pop up as well, more chipping and cracking. Not only do you need to keep it looking new, but you need to make sure you are putting your car in the shop for general and routine maintenance. Having oil, oil filters and air filters should be changed according to your cars service manual. Also keeping the spark plugs right and making sure the belts are functioning properly will help ensure your vehicle stay running the same way as when you first got it.

Car covers, preventative maintenance, and proper storage are all ways to make sure your vehicle looks and runs the same way as when you first bought it. Make sure that large investment lasts you years by taking proper care of it every day. If you take good enough care of your vehicle, you may be able to pass it down through generations. You will find a type of insurance coverage intended for almost anything you can think of these days. In today’s world, individuals protect their residences, vehicles, possessions, health and possibly their incomes without giving it a thought, however precisely why this should be is an issue for debate. Just one assertion is that many varieties of insurance coverage such as your next car cover that includes a motor warranty clause as well as optional extras like ladies handbag coverage are nothing more than selling ploys to stimulate the individual to acquire more coverage.

Then again, most people are now living in a dangerous world in which the unexpected can happen without notice, normally when we are least prepared for it both fiscally and psychologically, therefore it is a good idea to have insurance since at least then we can have some peace of mind. Even so, let’s say that there’s a genuine necessity for insurance regardless of whether or not it’s been encouraged by clever advertising that appeals to our concerns about what may transpire in the future. This being the case, how much cover do we actually need? To put it differently, just how many bells and whistles should we need to include in our car cover? Bells and whistles tend to be the extras insurance companies provide over and above basic and extensive coverage. They’re great to possess, however, not crucial, which means you may want to think carefully about which ones you would like included in your coverage, particularly if you’re on a tight spending plan. Instances of bells and whistles related to car cover are smash-and-grab protection, digital monitoring systems, motor warranty extension policies and cover for slight dents and scrapes, to mention only a handful. Each one of these ‘extras’ bears a cost that will add to the normal monthly premium but these they can be handy to have in your policy so do not dismiss them outright. When deciding exactly what extra cover to get when it comes to your automobile insurance policy, look at your situation and then try to determine whether or not this additional protection is going to be useful to you personally in the future.

In the event that you feel unsafe on the roads due to the threat of hijacking, for instance, you might feel safer and enjoy better peace-of-mind if you have smash-and-grab coverage. Or maybe you have a dark-colored vehicle with metallic paintwork that tends to exhibit minor nicks and marks a lot more easily than white or light-colored vehicles. In the event, you possess a vehicle with dark metallic paintwork you might want to think about spending extra for coverage because there is a good chance that your car will require a touch-up in the foreseeable future and it can be less costly to do it this way than to pay for each touch-up separately. On the subject of motor warranty plans, you probably won’t have to look at this before the normal manufacturer’s warranty on your automobile expires. When it comes time to extend the guarantee, is the moment might need to consider including a warranty extension plan to your insurance plan. In the event you think that you do want to increase the warranty on the car, then it is smart to assess the cost of taking out an extended warranty with your car dealership instead of obtaining it via your insurance before you put any money down. There are, unfortunately, too many harsh elements of nature that seem to be lying in wait for the first available opportunity to attack your car. And attack they do. The car will begin to lose its shine and luster, not to mention intrinsically wrecked, by the various weather conditions. To start with, the sun’s ultra-violet rays are exceedingly powerful and are unfiltered due to the ozone layer thinning. As a result, when the car is left standing in the heat, the internal workings of the car get ruined. The car’s interior gets extremely stuffy, so much so, that it is quite unbearable to drive in. On the outside, the finish becomes bleached so that the car loses color, and looks old and faded. The rain has high levels of acidity that causes the paint-work to disintegrate. It also leaves horribly ugly watermarks all over the exterior of the car. After a while, the body-work begins to rust too. Snow will cause your car and its brakes to freeze over. This can prove to be extremely dangerous and hazardous as frozen brakes do not work effectively. Windy weather is not any safer. When a wind storm starts, anything that has been left lying in the street becomes a victim of the powerful winds and gets swept along. This means that bits of rubble like sticks and stones are now made to fly through the air and in doing so, end up scratching and or denting your car in the process. Aside from all of this there are the classics, such as tree sap, birds droppings, and dust. This seems to work their way on to the car no matter what the weather is outside, and they leave unsightly stains that are near impossible to fully remove. The dust makes the car look elder and used than it really is, and is horrible to drive in.

So yes, it is necessary to have a car cover, as it would protect you and your car from all this havoc and wreckage, as well as plenty of aggravation. Nothing hurts a person more than to see his car, his pride, and joy, a shadow of its former glory. It would cost a fortune to have the car regularly cleaned, polished and re-waxed, as well as all the repairs done. This could all be prevented with one single inexpensive purchase; a car cover. These inexpensive car accessories have proven over the years to become man’s best friend. They are simple and easy to use as they are elasticated at the front and rear. They are also easy to store when not in use as they fold up nice and compactly. They are so compact they can even be transported around with you in your car so that wherever you go, you will be able to be protected wherever you are.

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